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2020, what a year!

It seems that 2020 was a great opportunity for some people to get out in the garage, and tinker around with neglected bikes, getting those jobs done that you wouldn't normally find time to do.

All through the classic bike trade, businesses have been busier that ever, once things like social distancing and PPE have been taken care of. Specialists like Chrome platers, Wheel builders, engineers, and Tank Repairs and Paintwork, have been in demand. Being a one man business, I have been in every day, and working away on repairs, paintwork and supplying kits so that you can do the work from home. My Ebay site, selling decal sets for many popular classics have also been selling like hot cakes. Bellow I will give you an idea of the type of jobs that have been through my workshop, all paintwork and repairs done by myself. Keep safe everyone, and keep those projects going.


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