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I have made some videos to assist with the application of Sureseal, I hope they help.






Q: I have a tank which was coated with Petseal 10 years ago, and it is now dissolving and blocking up my carbs! what can I do?

A: You can use our Petseal remover to turn the Petseal into small flakes which can be shaken out of the tank when dry. You can then Re-coat the inside of your tank with Sureseal, which is a modern 2 part Coating, that is resistant to 100% ethanol fuel.


Q: I have a fibre glass tank, and am worried about ethanol in modern fuel, damaging my tank. What can I do?

A: You can use our TP1 De-greasant to remove stale fuel, and oil residue from your tank, and TP2 Tank Prep which is used to disperse moisture from your tank. You can then Re-coat the inside of your tank with Sureseal, which is a modern 2 part Coating, that is resistant to 100% ethanol fuel. You must check that your tank does not have any coatings on the inside of your tank, as this could lead to poor adheasion or blistering. Sureseal is fine on uncoated fibre glass.


Q: Why should I buy your Sureseal rather that another brand?

A: Sureseal has been especially developed to combat the problems asscociated with Ethanol in Unleaded fuel. It is resistant to long term exposure to 100% ethanol fuel. This product has been used in the Petro Chemical Industry for years, for the coating of Ethanol Fuel storge tanks.


Q: I would like to treat my tank with your products, but a dont feel confident about doing it myself. Can you carry out the work for me?

A: Yes I can carry out the work for you for very reasonable price! If you either bring the tank to me, by prior arrangement, or post it using a tracked and secure Courier service, 'typically about £20 each way'. See the price guide on my home page. I can also carry out repairs to larger holes, and paintwork repairs.


Q: I am in an owners club, and a group of us want to treat our tanks with your products. Can you offer us a discount for bulk purchase?

A: Yes I can offer you a club or trade discount for bulk purchase. Just send me an email with what you require, and I will work you out a deal.


Q: How long must I leave my tank to cure, before filling up with fuel?

A: Your tank will be ready to use after 6 days at a contrant 20 degrees C. The coating should be a hard, shinny, cream colour.


Q: I think I may have missed part of my tank when I coated it. Can I add another tin, to go over it again?

A: You can add another coating to cover missed areas, this should be done within the curing period of 6 days, to ensure good adhesion.


Q: I have used your Sealant Remover, and still have some large chunks of sealant left in my tank. How can I get these out?

A: If a large amount of Petseal has been used, It will collect in the bottom of the tank, around the seams and will take extra work to remove it. Leave the remover in the tank for up to 3 days, then remove the cap, and allow all of the liquid to evaporate. When the tank is dry inside, you can usually shake out the larger bits of sealant, or break them up through the filler neck, with a pair of long nose pliers.


If you would like to share your experience in using the products on this site, and other restoration products you have used, please email them to me and I will add them to this page.

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